Hi There, I'm Andrea Cristina

Wedding and Portrait photographer based in Tucson, AZ .

 My romance with photography began a long time ago. Ever since I’ve picked up a camera, I’ve been obsessed with capturing the world, people and relationships. Human connection is fascinating and multifaceted, but the deepest emotions aren’t always easy to witness. I love getting shots with real emotion, those shots that make your heart flutter or a tear to shed. If you are looking for warm and timeless photography you're in the right place.

Now let me tell you more about my story... I'm originally from Puerto Rico but I call Arizona home since I moved here in 2017. I married my best friend and I'm the proud mother of Fabian, Monica and Mia. When I'm not behind the camera lens, you can usually find me camping, hiking, exploring or traveling with my family. There's nothing more fun than grabbing our hiking boots and taking off on a journey.

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